Voodoo Pen Holder

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Voodoo Pen Holder

The voodoo pen block helps prevent writers block – and it writes love letters that’ll get your target into bed before the ink dries.

The pen is mightier than the sword – so it stands to reason that a voodoo pen holder is even more powerful than a voodoo knife holder!

So for the lovers of voodoo design and gadgets then this will be a must.

Just like the knife block this is designed by the Voodoo Design Guru, Raffaele Iannello.

The holder is made from shiny red ABS plastic and is the perfect companion to your knife block.

The pen block comes with six ergonomically slim aluminium pens. The base also holds paper-clips, staples and assorted nik-naks.

We reckon that using these pens for writing love letters is guaranteed to bring you success. We have also heard reports of very powerful poison pen letters – but would like to advise our customers to make love and not war.