Suck U Dead Fred Pen Holder

(as of 13/11/2011 03:36 - more info)

£7.50 £6.95

Voodoo Pen Holder

Stab your pen into Fred rather than a stranger – keep out of prison and keep your pen from rolling off the desk!

This pen holder might not be as powerful as the Raffaele Iannello voodoo pen block – but it is still a cheeky little chappy worthy of use for a little bit of black magic.

Failing that it will hold a biro in a very convenient position for  quick access.

It was rumoured that a pen holder very similar to this one was used in France to hold the pen for the signing of the end of WWII surrender documents! So it is not just a desk tidy giftable, it is also a piece of history!

With the Dead Fred Pen holder then you pen will never, ever roll of onto the floor ever, ever again!

Plus when you are feeling the rage you can plunge the pen into the chest of an inert object rather than going out and stabbing a stranger – so it keeps you out of prison and makes society a safer place for everyone!

fred pen holder