Voodoo Knife Block

Voodoo Knife Block

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Knife Block

Is it possible that voodoo is becoming a bit mainstream?

The ability to simultaneously cook and utilise ancient dark arts should never be underestimated! Slice a tomato inflict a long-distance, non-contact injury upon someone that you hate – the perfect breakfast.

I spoke to a practising Voodoo priest to find out the best way to utilise voodoo knives.


Close your mind to the environment you are in and transport yourself into the environment that you last saw the person that is the object of your curse. The more real you can make it for yourself, the more real it will be for the person on the receiving end.

The key to enjoying the voodoo knife block is not just about the stab – but also the withdraw. When you take the blade out you are trying to leave the spell behind in the form of pain. So do not venomously thrust in the blade and then casually pull it out.

So there you have it breakfast served with a side order of magic!