Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo Dolls

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Every doll has a purpose – so choose wisely – after all you don’t want to confuse a revenge voodoo doll with a love voodoo doll!

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There is no guarantee that these voodoo dolls will work – but the intention of the user should b enough to have some effect – even if the doll is simply a conduit through which your intentions are noted. We think these are a great additions to the voodoo knife blocks – or even to the other knife blocks that we have listed, after all you don’t want to get too voodooed all of the time – do you?

How to use a Voodoo Doll

Here are the five steps to getting the most from you voodoo doll:

  1. Find a quite place to use your doll where you know you will not be disturbed – there is nothing worse than voodoo interuptus – never leave a spell hanging.
  2. Meditate or think carefully about what your intentions are – think about the consequences – both good and bad – of the action.  Take your time with this step it is the most important.
  3. Be careful not to stab completely through the doll – watch you don’t prick you own fingers.
  4. Think about your wishes and desires as every pin is put into place – either develop a slight variant nuance for each pin or simply repeat the same through each time.
  5. Be patient  – there is nothing instant about voodoo magic – except in the movies – if nothing appear to be working then perhaps you are not simply looking hard enough for the results – rather than the spell simple never have worked at all.

The different dolls are sold for different purposes – but it is better to assign a doll to a person – so for example if you use a love doll at the start of a relationship – or even prior to the start of relationship – as a voodoo love trap doll –  then it is better to use the same doll again for that person – even if the intentions are no longer love, lust, sex or marriage – this will work because the voodoo powers will know and understand their route from you to pin to person.


Once again – we do not  guarantee the success of this , but good luck anyway!

The recipe in the video calls for the use of personal effects eg. hair in the doll to use science and DNA to help in transmitting the voodoo intentions.