Taylors of Sheffield – Coloured Knife Block

Taylors of Sheffield – Coloured Knife Block

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

I saw these knives in a shop and was impressed by the look of them – but didn’t really register the potential. The knives are colourful and the knife holder is transparent perspex. These are top quality knives made of Sheffield steel – but with a modern twist.

Compare prices on the Coloured Knife Block – they are often cheapest at Amazon – but I’ve included other retailers for comparison.

Firstly though, it’s worth noting¬† the ¬†pedigree that Taylors of Sheffield represent – after all Sheffield Steel is a nation defining product in much the same way that Cheddar Cheese is. I don’t know if the cutlery from Sheffield is regionally protected by the EU in the same way that champagne is but it certainly should be.

So how do you go about displaying a coloured knife? After all hiding it in a block of wood would only show the handle – and then nobody would know about the cool and quirky coloured blades would they? So the obvious answer would be to use a transparent holder to show the funky colour in all is glory down the full length of the shaft. These acrylic holders seem to satisfy the need perfectly don’t they?