Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Voodoo Knife Block reviews – this is the ultimate cool kitchen knife holder with a bit of Voodoo charm included for free. The reviews of this product are not just about the how well it holds knives or whether the recipient of the gift gushed gratitude and platitudes. A review of the knife set should also be about how well the voodoo powers served you!

There will be a little voodoo gift in the post for the best written review or video. The best one will be selected in January by our panel of voodoo kitchenware experts. If you have any questions about this or want to know how to send in a video then contact us here. We are looking forwards to seeing your efforts.

After you have de-boxed the knife set then chop a few tomatoes to confirm the quality of the vanadium steel blades, then  maybe slice a ciabatta to see the serrations at work with bread knife. You could even pare a pair with the paring knife, carve a slice of pork with the carver, dice a chef with the chef’s knife – but what we really want to know about in your reviews is whether the Voodoo Man worked.

We are in no doubt about the quality of the design and build of the product – so tell us about the voodoo powers!

At the bottom of every product page you can submit your review – or use our contact page here.

The voodoo knife man has been attributed with mighty powerful powers – it has even been reported to the police for mischievous behaviour. We strongly recommend that you only utilise the magic for the powers of good but that does not mean that we do not want to here about the  revenge spells you conjure up for purposes of getting even with  Ex-lovers.


Here are a few tips for getting the most power from voodoo spell:

1. Be calm – anger blunts even the revenge spells

2. Hold a clear picture of the target

3. Carefully think through the repercussions

4.  Be careful with sharp knives

5. Select the correct knife for the job

6. Respect the voodoo man



We will be adding a video section to the VavaVoodoo website (hopefully before Christmas)  so if you have any videos demonstrating the voodoo powers then use the contact form to tell us about them and when we get our voodoo vids section we’ll be in touch with you.