Voodoo Knife Block

Since its launch in 2005 the kitsch kitchen helper - Voodoo Knife Block has become a design classic. The voodoo man has found his way into kitchens,, hearts and museums all around the world. The plastic holder is a available in a selection of colours - red, black, chrome, green and purple with red being the most popular. Whichever colour you choose, the knife holder comes with a set of five top-quality chefs knives. The knives are every bit as high-quality as the ABS plastic holder.

voodoo knife set  

The five knives will cover almost all of the kitchen jobs that you are likely to encounter - there are chef's, bread, carver, paring and utility knives. The chaf's and utility knives are undoubtedly the ones that you will use the most and indeed find yourself becoming very attached to. The longest of the knives is the bread knife (340mm), the shortest is the paring knife (200mm) with the chef's, carver and utility coming in at 330mm, 320mm and 240mm respectively. They all have good rigid blades except for the carver which flexes slightly to allow carving thin delicate slices around bone-in joints. All of the knives are constructed out of hi-grade steel with an alloy of  molybdenum and vanadium which gives them an edge that will last and resists corrosion. The knives are dishwasher safe but we recommend hand washing htem to preserve sharp edges for as long as possible.  

Voodoo Knife Man:

The voodoo knife man is perhaps the coolest knife holder that exists anywhere, it is perfect combination of quirky kitchenware with a quality product that will last you for years - the perfect gift or maybe just treat yourself!The knife man is a vertical knife holder to use up the minimum of kitchen counter space. Please be careful who you give this gift to - what is a gift to a lover given today could become a voodoo weapon in your enemies hands tomorrow!

  The base (holder) of the knife block is made from ABS plastic which is easy to clean with a damp cloth and retains a high gloss finish. Please note the the "chrome" knife block is plastic with a hi-gloss metallic, plastic finish and is not actually moulded from  chromium steel. The voodoo man is reclining at a slight angle to illustrate the power of the blades driven through his body (this is a minor design alteration from the earliest models.

red voodoo knife The voodoo holder is quite large but by being of a vertical design it manages to hold the large knives whilst taking up the minimum of work-surface are.Safety features include the weighted base which makes it steady, and magnetic claps to hold the knives securely whilst they are  being stored. The plastic sleeves (behind the man) make sure that you cannot accidentally cut yourself on the protruding elements of the knives. Information:
  • The knives and holder can easily be cleaned with soapy water
  • Magnetic knife catches
  • Plastic safety sleeves
  • Selection of colours
  • Five knives are included
  • Longest Knife - 340mm
  • Knife holder 385mm tall
  • Voodoo Magic powers are not guaranteed
  • Free delivery from firebox
  • The alloy used in these knives is of a higher quality than standard stainless steel - resulting in a harder longer lasting edge on the knives
  • Hollow-handled knives for easy grip and balance

The Voodoo Knife Block is delivered free by Firebox who are authorised sellers of this product - BEWARE OF IMITATIONS! - this is consistently a best selling item at Christmas and quite often colour selections become limited around that period so buy early if you want to be  sure of getting the colour choice you desire.

Voodoo Knife Block Reviews

You don't need to believe us  here are some quotes from social media, facebook and twitter with people discussing this product
  • " Talking point " - from someone that loves conversations with plastic men
  • "I love stabbing" -  from either  potential serial killer or chef?
  • "Knives are very sharp" - from someone who appreciates the quality
  • "It's a great product" - form an appreciative customer
  • "Need, need, need" - Not an actual review unless they are talking about something else
  So when you have bought the voodoo knife then why not pop back to give us a review - we know the quality of the knives and holder - but what we really want are stories about the voodoo powers that you have unleashed with your voodoo knife man. We are interested in any stories - love spells, revenge spells or the success you had from a voodoo power curse to get promotion over you rivals.  

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